RF Shielded Doors


Product Overview


The door consists of a solid core (or light weight core, application dependent) leaf. The sides and top of the door leaf are banded with a brass contact angle which is electromechanically bonded to the shielding media that is applied to the door face. A brass contact angle is mechanically attached at the bottom of the door.

The "ULTRA" is supplied with all hardware in a US26D finish and is Clear Anodized (which is Satin Chrome).

Hinge Mechanism

The hinge mechanism is a commercial grade, full surface, security hinge. The hinge system is designed and installed so there is no contact between the RF seals and the hinge plate.


The standard lockset supplied with the "ULTRA" complies with applicable Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and ANSI 156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1. This lockset presents the image of a conventional office lockset.

The lockset is also lockable from the outside only, just like a "closet or storage" lockset. Passage, closet set, entrance or office type locksets and push/pull plate assemblies are also available upon request.

The door frame consists of a RF interface frame which the door jambs, sill and head are attached to. The jambs and head are laminated hardwoods and finished to match the HPPL that is supplied on the door leaf. The door leaf and door frame are furnished as a complete assembly and is available in a "flush" or "raised" sill configuration.

When used for Medical applications, this "typical or normal" door enhances patient comfort and security.

As with all SRG doors, any size can be manufactured.