RF Shielded Enclosures


Product Overview


The core principle of our shielded enclosures is a three-quarter inch thick dimensionally stable core, which is laminated on both sides with optional gauge sheet steel or copper. (Cores meet ANSI A208.1 specifications). The steel lining is excellent for reflecting and attenuating EMI/RFI signals, providing the best attenuation to magnetic and electric fields, and plane waves.

Panels are joined together with a one-eighth-inch “hat & flat” clamping system. No special tools are required for construction. Enclosures can be erected, adjustments can be made on site if needed, dismantled, and moved to another location as needed. Enclosures are self-standing and require no attachment to the permanent building structure.

SRG’s enclosures are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship and to retain the specified RF shielded characteristics for a period of one year.


About RF Shielding Applications

Architects, engineers and companies searching for cost effective shielding are turning to Shielding Resources Group for the most up-to-date selections, and solutions for their needs.

Flectron metallized nonwoven fabrics have been developed specifically for low performance (40 dB-60 dB) architectural shielding. Flectron metallized fabrics applied directly over most construction finishes (applied with a non-toxic adhesive), result in an economical solution for your shielding requirements.

The use of Flectron materials will avoid unnecessary down-time, unpleasant toxic fumes from soldering, and an easier, faster installation, resulting in a lower cost relative to other options for retrofits and solutions which are on a tight time frame.

TV studios, stage theatres and convention centers are increasingly using wireless microphone systems and computer controlled equipment with RF communications. This equipment is sensitive to disturbances by RF emitters in the area, requiring these large buildings to be shielded to ensure uniterrupted, problem-free operations. These facilities are generally very large, with floor space on the order of several thousand square meters. A key need in these applications is durability, as these facilities must be in service for many years. The Flectron Nickel/Copper Polyester fabric used in these applications is preferred over other metals, such as copper, silver and aluminum. Accelerated aging tests include Battelle Class II and Class III, Salt Fog, and cyclical heat and humidity have been completed for Flectron products, and the test data exhibit superior environmental performance over other standard shielding materials.

As the prevalance of wireless communications and high speed microelectronic devices has increased dramatically in recent years, and is forecasted to continue to grow, many other types of facilities must now also be shielded in order to achieve desired operational results. These include”: telecommunication facilities (switching, briadcast, studios), computer billing/transaction centers, secure rooms and industrial EMC test rooms. Flectron is the ideal product for use on walls, ceilings and floors of these facilities. Contact SRG for more details.

Portable Enclosures

SRG manufactures “Portable Enclosures” designed to meet our clients requirements and specifications. These custom built enclosures can be table top or roll around units and fitted with anechoic material if required. SRG has designed enclosures that are being used for R&D, Quality Control, Pre-compliance testing, Personal communication device testing, EMP protection and even video projection cabinets.

If you cannot find an “off the shelf” enclosure (from one of our competitors) to suit your needs, you can only benefit by contacting SRG!